Doctors advise against youth boxing

A new statement from the American Journal of Pediatrics warns against children under 19 boxing Crucial brain development can be damaged by the sport, which can cause repeated head injuries “In boxing, children and youth are encouraged and rewarded for hitting the head We’re saying, don’t put kids in a sport where hitting the head is condoned and encouraged,” Dr Claire LeBlanc toldᅠ When compared to other sports like football or soccer, the risk for injury in boxing is much lower But when comparing the rates of head injuries, boxing wins the title The sport awards participants points for hitting the chest, shoulders, and head This news is distressing in areas where youth boxing is used as way to keep kids off the street and reduce gang activityᅠDr Danielle Fisher agrees that youth boxing does a lot of good in reducing gang violence Butᅠeven that doesn’t outweigh the potential harm head injuries can cause young brains “The adolescent brain is still a developing organism Thereメs even some evidence that the brain continues to develop into the early 20s,” said Fisher, vice chair of pediatrics at Saint Johnメs Health Center in Santa Monica,ᅠto the