Drink Tops

I am dreaming of warmer weather and wanting it fast and furious.  My whole thing about the BBQ or enjoying food or beverage outdoors is what happens when the elements (weather, wind, bugs etc.) come into the way.  Who wants to drink their wine with those ghastly gnats in it?!? I have dumped quite the few half-glasses for that very reason and I was thrilled that I have the chance to try out Coverware this time around!  These are round part-stainless steel screen and part-food-grade silicone little discs of wonder! They fit perfectly on my wine glass and let the beverage breathe while not allowing anything into my glass.  Also; they come in a set of  different colors which are a great way to keep track of whose glass is whose.

They also have cool color options of silicone covers for any drink of your choice as well as options sized for kids and in an array of colors!  They are super affordable by the way ranging from $20 and up.  I swear I need like 3 more sets for summer!  Bring me summer!  These are really clever!  Where have they been my entire life!