Drug helped man regain sight

A man regained his sight with an experimental drug Mike Scholesメs sight began to when he was training for a freefall parachute jump in 2006 モI went for an eye test at the optician, and on the way to pick up my glasses five days later, I nearly crashed the car,ヤ he said He lost most of the sight in his left eye a few days later He was diagnosed with LHON, which arises from damage to the optic nerveメs mitochondria and leads to loss of sight, mainly in young adults モIn a small number of patients, it does get better Most patients remain legally blind for the rest of their lives,ヤ says Dr Patrick F Chinnery However, in 2009, Scholes volunteered for a six-month clinical trial at Newcastle University He took a drug called idebenone three times a day Over a month later, the affected area of his eye began to improve While the drug didnメt reach the statistical significance doctors were hoping for, they, nevertheless, are pleased with its effects Scholes is continuing his adventurous lifestyle, which includes a 2010 hike to the North Pole and a skydive for blind dogs Heメs accompanied on these excursions by a guide モIメm very lucky that it happened at 54, and not at 14 or 16,ヤ Scholes, 58, said of his vision loss “I’m very happy that it happened at that age, and not when I was so much younger”