Earth Rangers Releases App

earth rangers

Earth Rangers, a charity that empowers children and families to make a real and positive impact on the environment, announced today the launch of its free app in the United States. Available for download on the Apple App Store, Amazon, and Google Play Store, the app makes it easy and fun for kids to learn about wildlife and conservation through dozens of activities that show them how to make a real impact in their local communities.

Originally founded in Canada in 2004, Earth Rangers’ mission is to create young conservationists by empowering kids to be environmental leaders. With nearly 350,000 members in Canada and growing, Earth Rangers’ programs have been proven to increase environmental awareness and action among its members.

“We are thrilled to bring our successful program to the United States,” said Tovah Barocas, President of Earth Rangers. “With concern among youth about the state of our planet growing and eco-anxiety on the rise, the need for positive programs like Earth Rangers has never been higher. Our app makes it easy and fun for kids to learn about wildlife and conservation, and empowers them to take action in their local communities.”

The free Earth Rangers App allows kids to sign up with their parent’s permission, and receive a free membership card and welcome package in the mail. Within the app, kids can customize their avatar and start exploring the community, participating in community challenges and environmental missions, and enjoying access to endless entertainment and inspiration through educational videos, articles, and the award-winning Earth Rangers Podcast. Members earn virtual badges, points, and rewards for their activity as they go, traveling through different habitats and unlocking cool animal facts and swag for their avatar along the way. They can also see how they’re doing on the Earth Rangers leaderboard, where the most inspiring animal superheroes get recognition for their Earth-saving efforts.

One unique feature of the app is the ability for members to symbolically “adopt” a wide range of species, such as polar bears, red pandas, bumblebees, and more, for a fee. Kids receive a cuddly stuffed animal and adoption certificate, while funds from the adoptions go towards conservation projects and research that help protect the animals members love.

“Our app is not only educational, but it also allows children to take real-life environmental action,” said Barocas. “We believe that by empowering children to make a positive impact on the environment, we can create a brighter future for our planet.”

Since its launch in Canada in 2020, Earth Rangers members have completed over 724,000 environmental missions and raised over $500,000 for conservation. The app is available to download now in the US and more information can be found at