EASE Magnesium Spray

What if I told you PMS cramps: cramps in general could be a thing of the past?!?!  I know, very hard to believe but I assure you the good people with Activation Products may be onto something.  Each spray of this magnesium wonder contains 27.2 mg’s of magnesium which you pretty much spray onto your skin, it goes into your bloodstream and you are well on your way to alleviating pains, aching, cramps, stress and even anxiety!  How sad is it that at times I have each and every one of those!  The only ingredients are purified water and magnesium chloride hexahydrate.  Honestly, I actually think I am getting better sleep and I seem calmer and just because I spray this wonderful elixir 30 times a day?  I may truly be in love.  Please do yourselves a huge favor and check this product out: http://store.activationproducts.com/store/ease-magnesium-250ml.


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