Economy woes strike Tooth Fairy

The struggling economy in the United States has impacted much more than home sales and food prices Even the Tooth Fairy is tightening her purse strings these days A recent phone survey done by Visa has revealed that the national going rate for baby teeth has dropped from $3 per tooth to $260 per tooth, according to Additionally, the number of children who receive no money at all from the Tooth Fairy has increased from 6 percent in 2010 to 10 percent in 2011 In Western states, however, the average price has gone up from $270 to $280 Eastern states have seen the biggest drop, 38 percent, going from $340 to $210 Midwestern and Southern states saw a smaller decrease, the South dropping 21 percent from $330 to $260 and the Midwest dropping 3 percent from $290 to $280 In terms of flat dollar amounts per tooth, 7 percent of children are given less than a dollar and 29 percent receive exactly $1, which is an 8 percent drop from last year Kids given between $2 and $4 amount to 18 percent, and another 18 percent receive $5, 4 percent less than in 2010 On the bright side, visits from the Tooth Fairy give parents a great launch pad to start teaching their children about how to save money for a much-wanted new toy or game “The survey gives parents the opportunity to start talking with kids about money management,” said Jason Alderman, Visa’s senior director of financial education, as reported by the “What we have gotten from the Tooth Fairy is seared in our brains You probably don’t remember the check that Aunt Edna sent you for your birthday, but you remember how much the Tooth Fairy left you” And with toys and games costing more and more these days, every little bit of saving can help your kids get those games on their own, rather than having to wait until their birthday or Christmas