Equo makes eco-friendly straws in multiple varities

Equo StrawsOK I could probably do much better with a tail of, “getting better quote but one of my biggest issues with straws was I always felt that they were really horrible looking in terrible feeling. I mean I want to see if the earth but sometimes the stores were just conversation messages.

What Marina Tran-Vu is doing at Equo is honestly amazing. She has made straws out of rice, coconut, grass and sugarcane. You’ll see In the photo that each one has a slightly different feel and look to them. Buy all four and you can even compare which you want. One of our favorites was the sugarcane because they were flexible and easier to use. They also were quite strong didn’t fall apart as the old eco friendly straws used to be. The rice ones look gorgeous with the multi colors. I’m just you

You can them on camping trips, picnics and even better use them in every day life. These are so echo friendly you could literally eat them. Although I would not recommend that.

Definitely check it out on their website or throw it in your cart on Amazon. I’m definitely go out there and support a great woman owned business.