Evenflo video reveals the truth about parenthood

Baby product company Evenflo has recently released a humorous video on Youtube revealing a fact well-known to savvy parents: relish every moment of free time you have and make the most of it The , embedded below, opens with flashes of a sink full of dirty dishes, a stack of laundry, and a toy pig lying on its side as its snout moves and it tries to walk Mom Beth walks into the living room and collapses onto the couch in front of a crackling fireplace with her husband Jack, whose eyes appear to be covered by a burping rag Beth and Jack are trying to relax on their couch after struggling to get their baby to sleep “So this is parenthood,” Beth says They flash back on events they have experienced since the birth of their child: seeing baby chewing on the plunger in the bathroom, trying to keep baby entertained in the car, falling out of said car, and so on They sigh and smile as they relax on the sofa, looking forward to a new day tomorrow But their relaxation is cut short as their Evenflo brand baby monitor goes offラthe baby is crying again Slowly standing up, they walk around the sofa on opposite sides, meeting in the middle With a quick kiss and an “I love you,” they walk off to try to soothe their little one back to sleep Evenflo is sponsoring ” also offers more videos about the Evenflo ExerSaucer