Exergen TemporalScanner

Colds and Flu are rapidly approaching and it is time for this mommy to arm myself.  Enter the TemporalScanner thermometer from Exergen and I am well on my way.  First off I can finally say goodbye to annoying and super invasive methods of temperature taking.  A quick scan across the forehead and I have myself an accurate reading.  It legit took five seconds and neither of my children are bothered by the process.  Heck, I think you can use this thing in their sleep.  And when your little one is sick DON’T DARE wake them.  It saves the last 8 readings so you can compare their hopeful improvement throughout the day.  The “smart glow” technology helps you see the reading even in the darkest of rooms.  Super easy, super quiet and super accurate which is a total recipe for success when your little one is feeling good.  For more information: http://www.exergen.com/medical/TAT/tatconsumerpage.htm.



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