ExtremeStart Firestarter

The weather is getting nice and summer is on the horizon.  My family adores making Smores and we actually did this past Friday night.  Always so funny to see the kids so impatient as we get the fire started.  Love my job in that I got to try out a new project this weekend; ExtremeStart Firestarter.  This genius brick gets the party started so quickly.  One match and we are good to go for 20+ minutes of fire.  There was ZERO flare up and to me was super safe to us around the kids.  This is fantastic for the fire pit, fireplace, charcoal grill (think cabana), smokers and more.  They are wrapped in paper and after you light and toss in you are completely good to go with no mess.  I also couldn’t believe how economical they are; like $6 for 12 of them.  They are easily attainable on Amazon or through Walmart.  Make sure you stock up for the summer fire pit season!  I know I will be!

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