Exuviance Masques

I am one tired mommy and as such I need a little bit of beauty help (even though I don’t want to admit it).  This past Friday night I took the time to fight the aging and the lines around these exhausted eyes.  I put an Intensive Eye Treatment Masque (pad) under each eye (each packette holds 2) and left on for around 10 minutes.  I plan on repeating in a few days.  These crow’s-feet are gonna go away. 

Also awesome is Overnight Recovery Masque.  Honestly; an actually sleep masque.  Where has this luxury been all my life? This is approved for all skin types (I am sensitive and was thrilled with the results).  After cleansing your face, massage the masque into your face and neck, wait a few minutes moisturize as you usually do.  I then rinsed off in the A.M. and went about my day.  This masque is actually removing the environmental aging from my face before my eyes!  And for around $65.00 that is pure economical magic.  Please check them out: http://exuviance.com.


exuviance-eye-pads exuviance-overnight-masque-png


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