January 1st means decorations away and the cleaning / organization begins.  If your lighting needs a spruce up, I totally recommend “EzClipse” decorative pieces for your recessed lighting.  The installation is literally 1-2-3; no tools required which speaks my language!  These are pure genius magnetic covers that you simply place on your lighting.  If you have trouble with the magnets, they offer peel and stick adhesives to lend an extra hand.  We will be ordering a few more to carry on the decor as we loved them!  The price points couldn’t be better; for a round/square magnetic plate it will cost around $17.00.  Their adorable metallic shades run around $35.00 (these I need more of STAT) and stylish shades go for $35-80.00.  I am always the skeptic and couldn’t believe how easy these were to install.  If you have troubles, they provide “how to” videos right on their website to help you along your way.  Please visit http://www.ezclipse.com for more information, ideas or to make a purchase.  They offer free shipping on orders over $89.00.  Once again I want to reiterate that you can boost your room within a matter of seconds!


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