EZ Match Gold Toe Socks

Anyone else feel like they have 100 kids, 3 tons of laundry and can never EVER match up the socks? This is me totally and I am thrilled we are starting the school year with EZ Match socks from Gold Toe.  First off kids are saying these are super soft and comfortable and I am saying the colors available are awesome.  The girl is rocking bright tie dye colors while the boy is stylin’ in vivid blues, greens and whites.  The number of rings on the toe indicate the size which makes the white/black sock challenge in this house finally not a challenge.  For once everyone has a drawer full of their actual socks with their actual partners.  The reinforced toe is super strong in my opinion; these are quality socks.  Please try them out for yourself: http://www.goldtoe.com/categories/GoldToe/Kids/Socks/.