Fake tanning protects women from sun

According to a new study, women that use fake tan methods spend less time sun bathing The study implies that encouraging women to fake tan will help protect them from cancer-causing UV rays, Dermatologists disagree on this point, some claiming that this idea could even have the opposite effect and encourage women to tan more The study included 415 women, ranging in age from 18 to 71, but the average age was 26, according to Timecom The women were mostly of fair skin About half of the women in the study had used a fake tan product, such as a spray tan or tanning lotion, and about a quarter of the women say they have both tanned outside and in a tanning bed A noticeable trend was that younger women were most likely to have used these self-tanning products Also, women that used these products also tended to be the ones that had tanned outside or in a tanning bed The women that didn’t use these products were more likely to not have tanned at all Use of these self-tanning products greatly reduced the amount of tanning outside or in a tanning bed Self-tanning reduced tanning outside by 37 percent, and tanning bed usage by 38 percent, according to Timecom Even infrequently using the products, five times a year or less, showed a significant decrease in actual tanning モWe would prefer that people were nicely pale and pasty, but itメs just not the way it is ラ people want to be tan,ヤ Dr Jonette Keri, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine,ᅠ HealthDay