Fatty acids in milk encourages brain development

Recent studies in the UK and Spain have found that babies who consume certain kinds of fatty acids seem to have faster brain development According to , it does not matter if the babies are consuming breast milk or formula Though breast milk is an obviously natural source, formula can provide the necessary fatty acids in higher amounts than a mother can naturally produce The acids in particular are long chains of polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as DHA, EPA, and ALA Why do they seem to encourage brain development? explains that two-thirds of the human brain is composed of specialized fats, and fatty acid molecules provide the raw materials required to build effective neuron membranes Neurons are the communication cells in your brain, and their structure involves two layers of fatty acid molecules Since fatty acids are important in the brainメs creation, it is also important for the mother to consume fatty acids during pregnancy Her body provides the baby with these acids, and without them, the baby can be born underweight