Feltman Brothers is my baby clothes go to!

I will forever have someone in my family having a new bundle of joy.  Big family and forever expanding!  When I buy them a baby gift it is only the best for these cuties!  That is why I adore the quality line of clothing that comes from Feltman Brothers.  Each and every item is embroidered/sewn to perfection; I have to say I challenge you to find  more “high quality baby apparel”.  This is your go to for holidays, photo shoots, or even just It’s Tuesday but my kid deserves the best.  The pricing is to me normal compared to other companies.  Each item is classy, charming and super easy to take on and off baby.  My current baby gift is the Pointelle Ribbon Knit Cardigan ($34.00) with the Ruffle Knit Bonnet ($15.75). They are pink, precious, ruffled and this baby is gonna look fabulous!  Please check out their entire line!  I am just never disappointed!  And the kids look good winter, spring summer and fall!

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