Former British trade minister thinks unruly kids should be put to work

Former British Trade Minister Lord Digby Jones made international headlines last week for his comments concerning “unruly” teenagers in high school Jones told the press he thinks teenagers that aren’t suited to academics should be put into the workforce and starting apprenticeships rather than being forced to stay in school, according to a report by the While the British school system allows students to leave school and start working at 16, Jones wants teens as young as 14 to be able to leave school for the workforce His reasoning? There aren’t enough skilled workers in Britain’s workforce, which means companies have to go overseas to find workers Jones believes that getting training for workers at a younger age could help to re-establish the United Kingdom as a manufacturing power Jones clarified his comments on July 29, explaining that these teenagers would essentially be going to a trade school rather than the traditional high school However, education experts aren’t supporting Jones’s plan “If it were that simple we’d all be doing it,” Kenny Frederick, Head Teacher of George Green School in Tower Hamlets, told BBC News “Allowing children to leave school at that age, without good levels of literacy and numeracy, would trap them in low-paid jobs for the rest of their lives,” Russell Hobby, of the National Association of Head Teachers, told the Daily Mail