Fun Presidential Inauguration Facts

In the spirit of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, I was thoroughly intrigued by the fascinating facts presented in this cool YouTube video:

Did you know that in the past, Inauguration Day used to take place in March? That’s quite interesting…be sure to check this video out:

Are you curious about the Inaugural Ball? Take a look at these fascinating facts:

Hold on, I’ve got even more fascinating facts about Inauguration Day. Take a look at this video, my kids and I have been thoroughly enjoying all the information:

Are you not tired yet? I’ve got even more facts for you…

This video has some interesting information that I wasn’t aware of regarding Reagan and Eisenhower!

How about a fun video for the kids?

I was completely shocked to find out just how much Inauguration Day costs!

I just had to include a fun video about First Lady fashions!

Finally, if you’re interested in keeping up with all the events leading up to tomorrow, here is a live feed for you!

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