Get Ready for a Party!

Get ready to have a great party with family or friends, here are some of our recommendations for snacks and drinks. Make sure you are ready for unannounced visitors and have something in your house to accommodate all tastes!

Penne Straws

image of 5 pkgs of Penne straws, one of each flavor Lemon Garlic, Marinara, Sweet Pepper, Mac ‘N Cheese, and Cinnamon Churro - party snacks and drinks

Penne Straws are the hottest new snacks out there! Gluten-free, crispy treats that surprise and delight.  These pasta-shaped snacks invite the taste of family favorites into the everyday. Penne Straws are seasoned to perfection giving them an authentic delicious flavor. Each serving gives 3 or 4 grams of protein. A true taste from Italy! The Penne Straws come in five flavors: Lemon Garlic, Marinara, Sweet Pepper, Mac ‘N Cheese, and Cinnamon Churro. Made with all-natural ingredients inclusive of Lentils & White Beans, the snack is non-GMO and cholesterol-free. Crafted from durum wheat semolina flour and farro, a higher protein grain for a more nutrient-dense product and baked with fine seasonings. The results are a robust taste and crispy texture throughout. Offer these at your next party, or bring them as a favor! One pack comes at $3.99, a 12-pack costs $47.88.

Post Meridiem Cocktails

image of 9 cans of Post Meridiem ready made cocktails, one of each of 7 flavors and two of 1 flavor - party snacks and drinks

Post Meridiem offers the world’s best ready-to-drink cocktails. You will always be ready for a party! Whatever your guests (announced or unannounced) like to drink, you will have it in store! And no longer are you losing time to look up the recipe, assemble the ingredients, and then mix your cocktails. Post Meridiem offers eight of the most iconic cocktails out there! Ready to drink, you only need to add the ice.

  • Old Fashioned: A cocktail that’s never out of style. A double measure of high rye bourbon and award-winning bitters make an instant classic.
  • Margarita: Loved by all, perfected by few. This margarita comes in its purest form. Made with 100% real lime juice, the way it should be.
  • Espresso Martini: Coffee house meets cocktails bar. It all starts with rich, cold-brewed 100% arabica dark-roast coffee.
  • Mai Tai: A complex cocktail for a tiki state of mind.
  • Daiquiri: A Cuban classic with a storied past. A three-note symphony of rum, 100% real lime juice, and simple syrup.
  • Cosmopolitan: Tart but tasty, simple but sophisticated, trendy but timeless. A cosmo is all about balance.
  • Vodka Gimlet: Created at sea, a real lime juice gimlet with lemongrass is a refreshing cocktail to put wind in your sails.
  • Southside: As relaxing as a back porch on a warm evening, the Southside is a crisp, bright blend of dry gin, real lime juice, and mint.

Be sure to have these in your pantry at all times! You will astound your guests and dazzle the party!

Wiley Wallaby Licorice

image of several packages of Wiley Wallaby licorice, 3 flavors

Make sure you have something to offer sweet teeth among your guests. Wiley Wallaby Candy is the best soft and chewy licorice on the market and always has you reaching back in the bag for one more delicious piece. Fat-free and flavor-packed, Wiley Wallaby offers a snack that is as healthy as it is tasty. Focused on quality, Wiley Wallaby delivers a sensational product packed with juicy flavor in each soft and chewy bite. There are plenty of different flavors! 21 different types will surely have something you and your family love. Find out where you can buy them with the handy Store Locator tool. Of course, you can also get them online on Amazon or on the Wiley Wallaby website.

Nepal Tea

image of packaged Nepal Tea, Kumari Gold - party snacks and drinks

Once the party winds down, or after dinner, you need a warm drink to offer your guests. The teas from the Nepal Tea Collective are a great choice. By getting teas from them, you can help make a positive impact. The Nepal Tea Collective aims to create opportunities to mobilize the current generation through employment and to empower the next generation through education. They have amazing bundles so you can offer your guests a range of choices that are all ethical and positive. We love the Stock Up Your Shelf Bundle for $99. You’ll receive 50 grams (approx. 25 cups) of nine different teas! With the entire Nepal Tea Collective’s classic loose-leaf tea collection at a price that makes zero sense, this bundle is a bargain. You’re getting TWO packs of tea for free!