Get to fixing with Sugru glue

Looking for something to help you with a quick fix? Sugru has you covered.

Sugru is a unique wonder material invented to help get a new generation fixing and creating again. Sugru is soft- to-touch moldable, flexible, durable and grippy. It bonds permanently to ceramics, metal, glass, woods, most plastic, some fabric and even flexible material – like that pesky phone charger that seems to keep tearing at the ends.

But the moldable glue isn’t just for bonding things together. It’s perfect for crafting, as well! From personalizing tools to creating jewelry, through to a clever and durable way to label your beloved objects, these projects will get you thinking and doing. You can use it to accent a piece of art that needed a finishing touch and it’ll stay put, as it should.

This multi-use product is a must have in the home. Get it on Amazon starting at only $15.



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