Gimbal’s Scottie Dog Licorice

Gimbal’s Scottie Dog Licorice; boy have you taken me back to my childhood.  My grandmother had this great “candy drawer” that we all loved to make the first stop our visits to her.  She always had a great assortment to choose from; black licorice being one of them!  I must admit a possible strange liking for a child, but I really adore black licorice! I am so happy to get my own Happy Halloween candy this year trying out their adorable Scottie dog shaped candies.  These really are delicious and you can tell they are made using “only the best” ingredients.  Oh and note-worthy is that this licorice candy is nut and gluten free and made with real fruit juice!  They are soft and easy to chew and you are treated to yummy Anise flavoring as soon as you start the chew.  I honestly didn’t even mean to, but as I was trying these out while watching television I ended up eating waaaayyy more than I should have!  They come in 8oz, 11.5oz as well as smaller 2 oz snack sized bags.  Great for Halloween!

Please check Gimbal’s out for yourself:


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