Glo-Up Girls

Glo Up Girls
Glo Up Girls

Loving this new fashion doll line called GLO-UP Girls from Far Out Toys!  If you are a TikTok fan you may have seen the crazy high volume of #glowup and the videos to go with them!

These dolls are the full girlie-glo experience!  Spa, nails, makeup, hair, the works!  They even come with a beauty mask for your little diva.

There are six girls to choose from; each one is super cute with fun and bright outfits and accessories.  Each also has its own aspirations and styles.  You will easily find the perfect personality match for your child and then you’ve gone and purchased them a new best friend!

We received Kenzie and she is really being enjoyed by my niece.  You can easily purchase one of the dolls for around $20.00 at Target.

I truly love a toy line with a girl power mission!   These toys celebrate who your child is and empowers them to be the person they are already becoming!  Check them out for a great end-of-school-year treat/report card goodie for your little lady!

YouTube has a short series about the dolls as well.  And of course, these divas have their own website where you can #showyourglo.