BenBat Go Vinci Backpack/lunchpacks

The end of August for us moms and dads means we have to trudge out to the store and purchase our kiddies new supplies, backpacks and lunch bags for their exciting new year of school.  I am super excited to have my little one use her new BenBat GoVinci backpack and lunch bag; these are seriously trendy “look what I made” bag meets easel.  My child is super proud of the art work she comes home with and now the whole world around us can see !  Simply take your child’s creation, pop open the frame on the front and viola your backpack carries a new scene.   The bag has a hard and durable top, making it the perfect work surface for drawing and homework on the go and in the car!  The reflectors built into the straps make these bags that much safer and your child truly visible in the darker parts of the day.

BenBat GoVinci products come in blue/green and pink/orange color combinations making them perfect for boys and girls!  Also available are lunch bags, and the trolley (rolling luggage!).  Please visit for more information and to purchase.  Backpacks retail for $34.99, lunch bags for $19.99 and the Trolley luggage for $59.99.  Finally; a backpack that highlights your child’s inner creativity!

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