I’ve been bringing these wonderful snack bars from goodnessknows all week and I feel like I am getting on track to a healthier me!  This is good, wholesome ingredients like dried fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts in portion controlled snack sizes bites (150 calories) each.  These are great for the mid-day work slump I must say!  I love how there are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives: only the good stuff.  These are great for work, on-the-go and even as a healthier alternative for the kids.  I’ve tried all three kinds; “cranberry, almond, dark chocolate” being my absolute favorite but all three are great!  “Apple, almond, peanut and dark chocolate” and “peach, cherry, almond and dark chocolate” are also simply delicious and combine sweet fruits with yummy nuts and of course dark chocolate.  I also want to mention that goodnessknows uses the patented method of retaining the cocoa flavanols with the cocoa beans and fruits used.  These are known to be wonderful for health as well as are believed to have restorative powers.  I truly feel good to be eating them.  For more information and how to purchase please visit