Grandmas Who Are Trying Their Best Through Corona

Coronavirus is hard enough. Being a grandma is hard. But being a grandma through Coronavirus. I mean what is Grandma to do?  So we scoured Twitter to find the most entertaining Grandma situations and how Grandmas are getting through it.

Contrary to certain people’s opinions, we love Grandmas and we want to keep Grandmas alive!

1) Absolutely! Two Points for Grandma!

2) Tell me this is not the most heartbreaking and amazing scenes you’ve EVER seen.

3) Go Gradnma Go!  We love Grandma Flo!

4) I love these screenshots!  Grandma is a hoot! I’m LOL.

5) Why is Grandma in a cage! Get her out of the cage!

6) Umm this is a terrible April Fools prank. Don’t do this Grandma.

7) Aww this is the most adorable ever.

8) I had a Grandma like this! I miss her!

9) Well I don’t smoke, but maybe I can try it with Grandma.

10) Awww Grandma is trying to hook you up.


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