Great Gifts for You and Your Kids: CatTongue Grips

Is your little one always breaking your phone or their tablet? Do you find that your device is constantly sliding around and causing you to lose it? We found the answer to this problem.

CatTongue Grips have created a new product that gives your devices a superpower of not moving when it’s put down! The grips are non-adhesive and provide an anti-slip ability that even a moving boat can’t move it.

This surface is almost like a sticky surface, without the gross, gooey adhesive. It’s anti-slip, water resistant and comes in a dozen different colors. You can find the perfect fit for anyone of any age.

The best part about the CatTongue Grips is that they are easily customizable for any space – you just need a scissor to size them.

You can get them online now for just $14.99.


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