Halloween Prepping With Snickerdoos!

Halloween is just around the corner and my little one is all set for a comfy and super cute trick or treat session thanks to a great costume from Snickerdoos.  Here is what is really cool about these outfits.  They can be worn for halloween, dress up or really just any old time your kiddo likes.

Also really awesome is that fact that this company is mommy/woman owned.  Kids can be at their most creative when playing dress up but so often the costumes aren’t comfortable or convenient at all.  Costumes are usually completely over priced, itchy, and really hard to put on.  This company has changed all that.  There is not one tag, zipper or glittery/itchy patch to be found.

This house checked out friendly frog this weekend.  This is an adorable, bright green onesie with the cutest frog face/hood you will ever see.  My little one wore it all day long and it goes right in the washing machine afterward.  It was just so amazing to see how happy he was pretending all day in something so soft and cute.  This outfit runs around $59.00.  Also available are cute blue or pink dinos, tiger or perhaps you would love to see their shooting star or Dr. Snickadoo option.  All priced under $65; I hope you check them out and actually purchase something for Oct 31 that you can use again and again and again.