Happy V For Your Lady Parts!

As women we are always on the hunt for new vitamins or supplements to keep us healthy and on the move.  What if you could also be happy?!?  I know; I was intrigued too and thrilled to put the products from Happy V to the test! These really are all you need to get up with a smile on your fabulous face and take on whatever the day may bring.  The dose gives you just enough of what you need and everything that goes into them is safe and effective.  They even care about the environment; you can get monthly refill bags to fill your bottle and lessen the use and disposal of plastics.

For your urinary tract I am loving their Cranberry Urinary Defense ($29.99 for a bottle of 60).  This is 100% natural and totally drug-free.  Its job is to get rid of the unwanted bacteria that bring on those nasty UTI’s.  D’Mannose (Uclear) grabs any bacteria and will stop it from creating biofilm.  Pacran will stop the bad stuff from sticking to your urinary tract wall.  Packed with Vitamin C and probiotics – this is a super duper great addition to your morning.  Prebiotic + Probiotic Vaginal Health Supplements ($29.99 for 60) is your go to to balance pH level and restore any healthy bacteria so you are sure to feel your best.  It will actual help reduce bloating (ummm..YEAH)!  So many great “biotics” going on here that you will never miss a day!  Now what about PMS?  Relief is a natural solution that will reduce your icky monthly symptoms like cramps, fatigue and balance out your hormones.  This one I have to admit is my personal favorite.  So many wonderful extracts and vitamins in those two droppers full you take each morning.  This is about $70 a bottle and an absolute MUST.

Check these great products out – you can also subscribe for monthly shipments and save some money!