Help keep your boys safe this holiday

A recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has shown that the Fourth of July weekend sees more boys under the age of 21 in emergency rooms than at any other time in the month that twice as many boys visit the ER during the three-day span of July 3ヨ5 than during the rest of the month Despite the prevalence of fireworks during that weekend, the majority of visits are caused by alcohol and violence Fighting, alcohol poisoning, and drunk driving accidents were the majority of nearly 1,000 ER visits on average per day of the three-day span The scientists at SAMHSA note that ER visits by girls do not rise during the time span, though many of the girls who do come into the ER are also intoxicated “Kids have easier access to alcohol because of all of the parties that take place during the holiday,” said Dr Jonathan Landis, medical director of Canonsburg General Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine, as reported by Heather Holtschlag on “They assume that a six-pack of beer will not be missed As a result, there is a lot of binge drinking taking place Kids have an access to the alcohol during the holiday weekend that they normally would not have” During this weekend, make sure to keep an eye on any alcoholic beverages purchased for parties and talk to teenagers about the dangers of drinking It may be a good idea to have non-alcoholic versions of cocktails or mixed drinks available for teens, so they can enjoy the same drinks as the adults without the risk of the alcohol