Hey Bear

hey bear

Here is a cool company Famadillo had the pleasure of learning about.  Perfect for all you “mama bears” out there. Hey Bear is an apparel brand that provides awesome options for mom and her “cubs.”  These are great items to keep everyone warm and comfy during these harsh, winter months.

A little about the company:  Hey Bear advocates for safe human and bear coexistence.  They give back to wildlife organizations and care very much about wildlife safety.  The bear population is unfortunately diminishing and they certainly play an important role in maintaining the Ecosystem.  We love both their passion and their mission.  In addition, this awesome company cares about providing sustainable products as well.

For men/women/kids/baby they offer a huge array of cozy items like tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, bags blankets, socks, and more!  Something for everyone; even the dog!

Kind of loving it all actually – all the pieces we checked out have this outdoorsy and super chill vibe.  The Onesie was absolutely adorable and super soft.  Matching tops for mom and children and you have yourself quite the cozy den at home!

Check them out!  Also really cool links to reference about bear safety and clubs for kids!