HI-CHEW Candies

I have super awesome candy to share with you: well… I am not literally going to share it with you but I will tell you about it.  That’s how yummy it is.  Just in time for Halloween, check out HI-CHEWS soft and chewy fruit candies.  What I kind of dig about them is how soft they are (I usually HATE how chewy candy like caramel are; sometimes my jaw starts to hurt and then the whole candy eating idea just isn’t worth it).  Their flavor is also super impressive; very fruity and long-lasting flavor.  They are a good choice for Halloween treating this year and something different that will be appreciated.

My family taste tested their “tropical mix” which includes banana, mango and melon: all three were delish but banana the clear favorite.  We also sampled the smaller packs (great for your purse or desk at work) in awesome fruit options like strawberry, green apple, grape and cherry.  Definitely give them a try!  So glad we did!  For more info please visit https://hi-chew.com/.



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