Home workouts to get fit and lean

has created a workout that allows women to get fit and lean without needing to go to the gym–your body provides all the resistance you need to do this workout The workout is designed to be done three days a week, meaning you don’t need to set aside a lot of time to perform the movements You can get your workout done during nap time or while your kids are at school, whenever you have a chunk of spare time And you don’t need to set aside a special area for exercise equipment, since your body is all the equipment you need The movements are designed to activate as many different muscle groups as possible in a short time, maximizing your body’s fat burning capabilities If you want to pair these fat-burning exercises with cardio workouts, check out websites like for workout music you can tailor to your personal workout The website lists songs based on your walking/jogging speed or biking rpm Search music by genre, by beats per minute, or by your speed in minutes per mile to find music that suits your workout