Homemade 100-calorie mixes

Pre-packaged 100-calorie treats have become popular for people looking to fulfill snack urges while trying to lose weight However, these treats can often be expensive, or may not be terribly healthy otherwise (like 100 calories of miniature chocolate chip cookies) By making 100-calorie snack bags at home, you can tailor the treats to suit your dietary needs Women’s Health has created that will give you both healthy and satisfying snacks easy to tote around in a purse or gym bag Each recipe also creates seven servings, making it easy to stock up on snacks for a whole week The recipes are tailored by craving, whether it be a combination of sweet and salty tastes, a chocolate pick-me-up, or something spicy For ease of transportation, put your divided snacks into a small plastic container or snack-size plastic bag, depending on the contents (popcorn or pretzels, for instance, might get crushed in a plastic bag, but it’s perfect for nuts) Then you can easily grab a single bag or container and toss it into your bag for eating later For more low-calorie snack fixes, check out this list of from Blue Cross Blue Shield