My child annoys the bejeez ouHopper-Go_straight_Topt of me in car rides. HopperGo solves that. Basically in the past the issue was I’d have to bring certain DVDs for the car ride. Then when we got to the hotel, the kids got used to the idea of using the iPad to connect to the TV at home to watch their favorite shows. That’s great, but what would they do for the few hours we are in the car and they are complaining that they can’t watch their favorite shows? Look outside and admire the scenery? Engage in a conversation? No! That’s ridiculous talk!

The HopperGo is basically a custom made, easy to use hard drive that runs on Dish. You load up the Dish Anywhere App and hit “transfer” and you can transfer all the shows you want to the device.

Then when you’re driving through a national park, instead of the little buggers looking outside and complaining about there being no wifi… they can now connect to the HopperGo’s local wifi network and watch the shows directly.
Also, good for cruises, airplane rides and other places that you don’t want your kid to drive you crazy.