How to keep love in your marriage post-pregnancy

Giving birth is one of the miracles of life, but feeling romantic after having a baby is often challenging for new moms Fran Praver, author of “Now that baby makes three, things have changed Pregnancy and the newborn baby have placed romance on the back burner,” Praver said “Some of the romantic feelings you felt back then, triggered by love and lust-inducing brain chemicals, are on hold — and it may seem like you can’t bring them back, but you can” First of all, remaining patient and refraining from panicking is at the top of the list for new moms Communicating with your spouse so that youメre on the same page is imperative in adjusting to a new member of the family Praver also said simply remembering youメre a couple is key to enjoying one anotherメs company “Set up several time-outs from the baby during the week when you and your partner can have privacy,” she said The author explained sharing what you love about each other, planning a weekly date night, bringing back the lust and fantasizing together are all steps couples can take in rekindling their romance “Action begins in the mind, and research shows that imagination can change the brain and trigger the release of love-inducing chemicals,” she said reported marriage in general- baby or no baby- will not be successful if spouses donメt pay attention to each other Being attentive to our partners is important to keeping any relationship strong モThe ambient noise of life takes over,ヤ said Edward Hallowell, director of the Massachusetts-based Hallowell Centers for Cognitive and Emotional Health モThereメs no big conflict; couples have just lost touch with each other, lost the fun, lost the moments of sustained attention because we live surrounded by this buzzヤ