Hoyle Kids Card Games

How about a quick stocking stuffer suggestion?!?  Maybe even one that your child is learning and playing a game at the same time.  Hoyle Play brings us these awesome games inspired by family values, fair play, and fun!  My family has been sampling two of their featured games:

Piggy Bank: this card game is perfect for ages 4-6 and actually teaches your child how to add and subtract by fives and tens.  The goal is to force your opponent to “break their bank”s coin limit.  Start with addition then try out subtraction!  This game costs around $6.

Catch N’ Fish: this is a card game of addition also great for ages 4-6.  Spin the spinner which arrives on a number.  See how many cards in your stash can be added to the number on the spinner!  Each one is called a “catch”.  Make 5 catches and you win!  My kids are getting so fast at adding and I am so impressed with them!  This one also costs around $6.