Hungry Fan Pumpkin Spice

Fall brings everything pumpkin and I LOVE everything pumpkin.  You never have to persuade me on any item “pumpkin”.  Hungry Fan (and founder Daina Falk) brings us this fantastic Pumpkin Spice Blend and suddenly I know it doesn’t matter what I am preparing I will be “season ready”.  This blend is organic pumpkin meets molasses and more and it truly is fantastic.  To be honest, the smell alone gets me.  This spice can pretty much be applied to almost everything I make at this point.  I have been adding to my morning coffee, the family pancake batter and even the cookie dough we made this past weekend.  The entire family is loving the amazing flavor!  Next up (kids don’t know it yet), we will be doing our very own homemade pumpkin whipped cream and I am not gonna lie to you, I may sprinkle in my next batch of chili.  A 2oz package is around $7 making it affordable and a wonderful stocking stuffer!  Thank you eternally to hungry fan for making my fall-winter my happiest times ever .  Ms. Falk, you have our attention, no matter what comes next!