I’m forever on the computer….

I think it is a partial “love-obsession” relationship.   I am speaking of my computer of course.  I am forever buying add-ons and tech items that make my life easier.  I love me a gadget.  I have been checking out a new keyboard all this week that I feel shines over some other’s I have tried and I wanted to share the product with you.  The company is Cherry and the quality is exceptional.  I have been checking out the Cherry MX-Board 3.0.  This is a corded keyboard and I have to say I am totally fine with that.  I actually prefer it to be honest.  I love the comfort of this keyboard.  I work all day on the computer so my keyboard and mouse better be super comfy.  The keys are really strong; the whole board really well made.  I am typing with ease and getting the work done.  In the few short days I have been using this so far, I have to say this product is becoming a necessary part of my work.

For sure you should check it out for yourself.  I am so happy I have been introduced to this wonderful line of products.