I’m toasty…you could be too.

Where I live we had an elongated summer; literally the kids wore shorts to school through last week.  We are totally spoiled and I know it.  This week it started to get chilly and I am soooo ready with my new heater.  I used to worry like crazy about these space heaters and constantly thought of someone burning themselves and a fire.  Lasko has this great heater for around $70 that I put up to the family test and I have to say I was impressed with the features.  There are two heat settings a great digital screen and this handy-dandy remote to get you to your comfort zone.  You don’t have to worry about the unit overheating since it has a great auto shut off before a problem starts.  I think my fave feature is the fact that the unit is cool to the touch regardless; making it a safe choice for kids and pets.  You can easily move it to whatever room you need it in; this is really an amazing heater.  The warm hair circulates easily and you can quickly forget how chilly it is out there.

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