Internship season

I am going to my senior year of college with some pretty praiseworthy credentials (if I do say so myself) Before this summer started, I had spent a significant amount of time looking for internships; however, since I was not from a conventional background, I received many stinging rejections Out of all the interviews that I was offered, one of them was distinct in that I reached new levels of foolishness with my answers This interview had been with a very prestigious bulge-bracket bank in an extremely prestigious intern position ヨ enough to make even a young Bill Gates nervous The interview started with the usual モtell me about yourselfヤ which I aced due to hours of practice and then everything went downhill Every question after that first tell-me-about-yourself question was a disaster! Some of my answers were so bad that the interviewer couldnメt stop himself from laughing (out of pity I assume) ヨ needless to say, I did not get that internship However, instead of being saddened by the enormity of my stupidity, I spent the next few days analyzing what went wrong, why it went wrong and how I could quickly stop myself from making a mistake like that again After this analysis, I was able to pinpoint my mistakes exactly ヨ so much so, that I ended the internship season with 5 offers; 4 of them from Fortune 50 companies Failure can only take place when a person gives up