Interview with a Swinging PTA Mom

Interview Swinging MomSure, we’ve heard of Moms in the neighborhood being swingers, but I’ve always wondered, “How ‘mainstream’ is it?”

We ran a query to interview a swinging mom and our interviewee (who shall remain anonymous) kindly answered our Q&A.  Have you been curious about swinging moms? Have you wondered about the local PTA Swinging mom? Well here is your chance to find out.

Check out our interview with: Swinging Mom.

MS) Are you a “regular mom”? That is, would the neighborhood moms not have a clue what you do?

SM) I’m a regular mom! No, the neighbors wouldn’t have a clue.

MS) Has any local mom found out?

SM) Not to my knowledge.

MS) Have you almost been “caught”?

SM) Nope.

MS) What are some activities that you do that most people would see as “typical mom”?

SM) I go for walks with my kids and dogs, cook dinner, work out, enjoy date nights with my husband, go to bed early, love to take a bath.

MS) How involved with the school are you?

SM) At this point, we home school, but in the past, when my kids were younger, I volunteered in their classrooms and went to a few PTA meetings.

MS) Would some local moms be upset or shocked about your lifestyle?

SM) I’m sure they would.

MS) Do you feel it’s still possible to keep a marriage and swing?

SM) Yes! There has to be open, honest communication as well as trust. It’s a vulnerable place to be in, but it yields a deep level of intimacy.

MS) How did this start?

SM) Sexy conversations with my husband, talking about fantasies.

MS) Yours or his?

SM) He was away for work, and we were messaging. He brought up a scenario, and we went from there. We both discuss fantasies, our limits, absolute no-gos, and respect where the other person is.

MS) What are some of your no-gos ?

SM) No one takes one for the team, no humiliation/cuckolding.

MS) Isn’t there always an inherent jealousy that eventually occurs?

SM) Not always. Some partners find it incredibly sexy watching their partner with someone else. It’s like live-action porn!

MS) Have you ever been surprised to find out if somebody else was a swinger?

SM) Yes!!

MS) And what is the backstory here?

SM) Chatting with people that we know, and we’re just open about their experiences.

MS) Do you think more PTA Moms are swinging than we think?

SM) Absolutely.

MS) Have you ever found one out? Why do you think this?

SM) We’ve discovered people my husband works with. People are way more into sex than you think, but there’s a big taboo about things that aren’t “mainstream.” What does it matter if consenting adults want to explore with other consenting adults?