ips Snacks

I am loving the new All Natural snacks my kiddies and I are enjoying with our lunches.  I always love serving up a snack I can almost pat myself on the back for having in the house.  We sampled a whole bunch of the fantastic chip options/flavors from ips Snacks like Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Barbeque, White Cheddar and Cinnamon.  They are super crispy and so full of flavor.  I actually was annoyed I had to share the barbeque ones!  These chips have 6 grams of protein and half the fat of regular, fried chips.  Oh and kind of interesting is the fact that each 1 oz. of these chips is equivalent to the protein of an egg.  My daughter took hold of their two varieties of popcorn: both White Cheddar and Classic Salted.  I find it simply amazing that a line of chips could actually provide some of the nourishment our bodies need.  Dare I say please do snack? LOL

Please check them out: http://ipsallnatural.com/.



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