Is Brattleboro VT worth visiting?

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Brattleboro, Vermont is a small town with a lot to offer visitors. We decided to ask the locals: “Is Brattleboro VT worth visiting?” and compiled some of the best quotes to give us you idea about visiting Brattleboro Vermont. And, if you’re wondering what to do for a weekend, read this story on Brattleboro.

As Bruce Clauson said, “Great friendly helpful people” make up the town’s population. Kelly Lynn mentioned the schools and shops, saying, “The people, the schools, the shops.” James Cleveland highlighted the town’s unique skiing experience, saying, “Only town around that still has an operating T-bar lift for skiing. In them southern part of Vermont. Only 5$ a ticket.” For those looking for a more laid-back experience, Jacinta Williams described Brattleboro as a “hippy town.”

Carol Aydelotte praised the local artist and breweries, as well as the small restaurants, saying, “Local artist, local breweries, great small restaurants.” Mark Ebenhoch simply said that Brattleboro “cares,” while Cary Bright Storm listed the Latchis and NECCA as two of the town’s standout attractions, saying, “The Latchis. NECCA. Museum and Art Ctr.” Katie McCarthy seconded this list, while Grace Elizabeth suggested people-watching for the unique fashion in town, saying, “This time of year people watching for the hat & scarf fashion.”

Starlett Graham Anderson listed a number of great things to do and see in Brattleboro, including the art and music scene, NECCA, downtown shops and restaurants, retreat farm, Grafton village cheese, kayaking and ice skating at Retreat Meadows, and the skate park. Roc Marks joked that he himself is one of the reasons to visit Brattleboro, saying, “Me. LOL.” Shawn E Gilbeau pointed out that it is the only town with this name in the world, saying, “First and foremost it’s the only Brattleboro in the world.” Bill LeConey listed several more attractions, including the Stone Church, Latchis Theatre, BMAC, Epsilon Spires, the food co-op, and the Whetstone.

Molly Stoner suggested ice skating at Retreat Meadows and then paddling or swimming in the open waters, saying, “Ice skating on the Retreat Meadows then paddling there and South Pond, swimming open waters.” Jeff Potter mentioned that Brattleboro is a two-newspaper town

Katharine Audlin added the town’s interesting architecture and historic housing as a reason to visit, saying, “One I haven’t seen mentioned yet. Interesting architecture, neighborhoods, and historic and infill housing.” Jonathan Matthew mentioned the carriage house he loves in town, saying, “Katharine Audlin love my little carriage house!”

Jean Davis listed the year-round farmers market, gallery walk, and farm stands as other attractions, saying, “Farmers market year round, Gallery walk. Farm stands.” Vicky Griswold mentioned the ski jump competition, saying, “The ski jump competition.” Christine Rose praised the town’s hospice thrift shop, saying, “The incomparable quirky Bratt Hospice Thrift Shop!! It is a delight and draws folks from distant shores to ye ol town. No kidding, it surpasses thrift stores in Paris, New York, Boston, I have visited..stupendous creative staff, amazing finds to be had.”

Sara Corbin pointed out that Brattleboro existed before the USA itself, saying, “Brattleboro existed before the USA existed.” Mary H. White said that residents sometimes forget all the great things about the town, saying, “I love this thread! There are so many wonderful things about our sweet town. I think that residents sometimes forget all the great things about Brattleboro because we work hard to overcome the ‘challenges’ that all places struggle with. Thanks for asking this question – it’s made me remember how much I love living here!”

Emily Packard listed Retreat Farm, Wild Carrot Farm, the town’s history, and its covered bridges as reasons to visit, saying, “Retreat Farm. Wild carrot farm. History (including natural history!). Covered bridges- people love those things.” Marta Bernbaum mentioned the giant T. rex chicken and occasional Alien crash sites produced by the University of Brattleboro, saying, “There’s a giant T. rex chicken in the Harmony lot with occasional Alien crash sites produced by the University of Brattlelboro.” Finally, Joanne Putkey McClellen suggested visiting the town’s cemeteries for a glimpse into its history, saying, “The cemeteries! Walking in Morningside, old headstones, the history of Brattleboro comes alive!”

In conclusion, there are many reasons to visit Brattleboro, Vermont. From its friendly people and great schools and shops, to its unique attractions and rich history, there is something for everyone in this special town. So if you’re looking for a unique and welcoming destination, consider Brattleboro as your next vacation spot.