Is it ethical to extract your dead daughterメs eggs to make a baby?

On August 3, Aida Ayash died at Kfar Savaメs Meir Hospital after being struck by a car The parents of the Israeli girl donated all her organs and obtained a court order to remove and freeze Ayashメs eggs, without giving a reason as to why they want this procedure The family of the deceased 17-year old wanted their daughterメs eggs to be fertilized with donated sperm, but judges declined the idea until the family could prove that Ayash would have wanted children Rosamond Rhodes is the director of bioethics education at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York “Ethically, the important issue is not whether the woman would have wanted children Regardless of the reproductive possibilities, she will not be around to have the child [or] children,ヤ comments This issue has sparked a controversy worldwide Many argue that it is unethical to continue the legacy of someone after they have passed away, without knowing what they really wanted Others dispute that it is an option that every family deserves to have The process of harvesting and freezing eggs is called when doctors insert an ultrasound-guided needle into the vagina to locate the ovaries and thus retrieve the eggs Do you think it is ethical or unethical?