Kids will love FluidStance’s The Grade this holiday!

The Fluidstance Grade is the next big gift for kids who sit more than they stand. The Fluidstance Grade gets kids moving, and these fun balance boards keep kids active during normally sedentary time.

The boards help expand energy while doing sedentary activities like watching TV or gaming. It increases heart rate by 17% over sitting, and gets kids up and moving without sacrificing their favorite activities. They just step on the board, and the subtle motion underfoot keeps them balanced and moving, without distracting them from the task at hand.

And kids love it! It comes in several funky colors like Alien Green, Galactic Green, Space Blue and Rocket Red.

The Fluidstance Grade is also eco-friendly. All materials are composed of post-consumer recycled plastics like milk jugs for the base, as well as recycled rubber tires for the top deck. Nearly the entire product can be recycled, reducing landfill over time. So it’s good for your kids and for the planet!

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