Kim Cameron – Open Roads – Music Video Premiere

“Open Roads”  is an animated video featuring a 9-year-old rapper named D3. As you can see from the screenshot we grabbed, we love the positive angle.  “Stop the bullying” and “Build Some Friendships”.

We are thrilled to premiere the video because this is the kind of music I’d rather have my pre-teen and teen nephews and nieces listen to. It’s a cute animated feature which is just a plus to me!

The video shows the main character “Kim”, taking the young artist and showing him that he should follow his heart. I mean seriously, why can’t we have more songs with better messages like this.

Kim Cameron is a a long-time Miami resident and is well-known internationally in the electronic dance / club music world. She’s had singles hit the top-40 so she certainly has some experience in the industry.

This is definitely  something that the kids will enjoy, has a positive message but most importantly be something you’ll want to listen to yourself!