Kwilt Shoebox

My family is always on the go.  Always.  Event after event.  Sport after sport.  Recital after recital.  I take like 100 pics a week on my phone and quite honestly I am the worst with backing things up and saving pictures in proper albums.  I was introduced this summer to the Kwilt Shoebox and suddenly I am ensuring that things are saved and filed for the future.  Oh; and the days of “your phone is almost out of storage” is also over.  The Kwilt is your own personal cloud that has no monthly fee attached to it.  You simply install the app, plug in a USB storage device and off you go to making room on your device and saving everything in an organized way that you can access at any time!  I am so not a tech person and I had no problem at all making this magic happen!  I have the “mini” and is working out just great!

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