Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

Summer salads mean lots of chopping and peeling so it was certainly ironic for me to try out the “Paring Knife & Double Edge Peeler Set” from Kyocera.  We are huge fan’s of the brand here in this house and use their products in our everyday life.  The handles are so comfy and easy to use and I love how easy they are to control.  They are so much sharper than other knives and do not bend like my steel ones do.  Ceramic doesn’t ever rust and do not corrode from the oil or acids in the food we are preparing.  These are great quality, great clean cutting, soft on the hands: you get the idea.  Definitely check them out for all your culinary needs; you will never go back to metal again.  This paring knife is aces at handling the prep of my fruits and veggies and the peeler is amazing with everything from carrots to tomatoes!  The set retails just under $30.00.  For more info:

kyocera knife set