L:A Bruket Skincare

I have a really great line of skin care products to talk to you about.  You need to listen and then run to the web, buy them and give them as gifts this holiday season.  L:A Bruket is this great line of soaps/scrubs/lotions etc. that will more than pamper you all winter long.  So many awesome quality items to choose from but I especially am loving two items I will share with you.

Broccoli Seed Serum: this is an everyday face treat for all skin types.  I have been applying this daily before my make-up and I just know it is stopping the signs of aging in its tracks!  This will run you about $52.00 a bottle but you use very little at a time.

Fennel Seed Facial Wash: This wonderful cleanser is safe for all and daily use as well.  This wash contains fennel seed oil, cucumber, algae and black pepper.  It really gets an awesome lather going.  I even have the hubby trying it out (don’t tell anyone).

No matter which item you choose you will have pure and honest products that you will simply adore.  Please check them out!


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