The latest accessory: Krankz Audio Headphones

Unlike anything else on the market, Krankz Audio headphones are the best choice for any music lover. Whether you’re at the gym or traveling, these headphones will become your new best friend.

Krankz Audio headphones have a clear and powerful sound. They feature a built-in microphone and automatic call notification for easily switching between music audio and phone calls when paired to your smart phone. Krankz Audio headphones have a high efficiency rechargeable battery that delivers over 36 hours of battery life. To recharge your headphones, just plug them into any computer USB port or USB power cube.

All over the world, consumers are embracing Exeo Entertainment, Inc.’s Krankz Audio brand. A favorite among the rich and famous, Krankz Audio headphones are just $99.99 and are available in black, red or white.

Treat yourself to something that your ears will love this year. For more information on Krankz Audio, visit

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